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Dearest Plague Rats, the Asylum Audiobook is FINALLY at the presses, being manufactured as we squeak! I couldn't be more thrilled to share my greatest work with you at last. I am so grateful for all of your patience. Shipping is scheduled for late June 2016 (takes a bit of time to autograph all copies and ship to the warehouse that ships them to you).



Log In to the Asylum Audiobook Preview Page for Audiobook-Owning Plague Rats (you will receive the log-in information after pre-ordering the Audiobook HERE)

Dearest Plague Rats and fellow Inmates,

This note is intended for those of you who have sweetly pre-ordered my Audiobook Recording of 'The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls', which entitles you to an exclusive copy of the CD set autographed for you, by yours truly.

Many of you are already aware of the audiobook delay and the reason for it, that being the re-recording of the entire massive beast of a thing due to my having discovered a microphone that delivered a superior quality recording, resulting in something much more intimate and powerful than that which I had originally been prepared to ship to you. This re-recording and editing process takes a nearly unfathomable number of hours, but I want you to have my very best work as always, and I am glad to do it. It is my hope that you are glad to wait for this new version as well, though I understand the frustration of some, and will gladly assist in refunding payment to those unwilling to wait (though later purchases will not be autographed, just so you know:). In addition to that initial delay, I am also behind schedule in completeing this new version due to the immense amount of time that was devoted to the preparation and debut of "The Asylum Experience" on the Vans Warped Tour this summer, as well as the current filming of 'The Devil's Carnival 2", which I am delighted to be playing a lead (i.e. very time consuming) role in. While I cannot give a reliable ship date of the new Audiobook recording, I can assure you that I am working as quickly as possible, and will keep you all constantly updated over the coming days.

Now that I've appealed to your patience and love of superior quality recordings, let's get to the fun part! I have created a secret, password protected page just for those of you who have pre-ordered the Audiobook and have chosen to keep your orders open despite the delay. On this secret page, you will find frequently updated progress reports and actual preview chapters of the recording.

It is my greatest hope that you will support this process and know that I am doing this entirely because I want you to have the very best version of this story that it is possible to create. You deserve this...

So! All who have pre-ordered the Audiobook will receive an e-mailed link and password to the secret page, as well as a coupon code for a completely FREE digital version of the entire Asylum book. If you have not yet received your password and coupon code, fret not -- simply e-mail help (at) and you wil be provided with it promptly.

If you do require assistance with cancelling a pre-order or have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Shop Rats at help (at)

With all my love and eternal gratitude to each and every one of you,

~ EA (((>*.*<)))


Emilie Autumn will appear on Vans Warped Tour in the Summer of 2014 on the following dates:

June 18: Mesa, AZ
June 19: Las Vegas, NV
June 20: Pomona, CA
June 21: San Francisco, CA
June 22: Ventura, CA

Complete information, including the Official Warped Announcement video, can be found on Emilie's Official Band Page on the Warped website.

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